Friday, April 23, 2010

My little Gator

Does he really even have a choice?


Gator blanket. Gator burp cloths (as head support). Gator socks (on hands). Gator orange paci. Gator blue eyes… in the making.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday!

Although I feel like this has been one of the longest months of my life (the other 14 are Justin’s Iraq deployment!), I’m already looking back thinking how you’ll never be just 7 pounds again. It will never be the first time I hold you again. So many “firsts” have come and gone. And although I know we’ll have many, many more, I feel (in a small way) that this precious month has gone by fast.

You’ve gone from




in just one month!

We love watching your eyes get bluer every day. We cherish your awake time (during the day!) to watch you learn and discover. We see your puppy wag his tail at you and kiss your forehead more and more. For such a little man, you sure do bring more love to this family than we ever imagined possible. Happy One Month Birthday, James Wallace. Mommy and Daddy love you.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, I may have to cluster blog and post blogs back to back when I can sneak a chance to the computer. I keep hearing “sleep when the baby sleeps,” but since I’m not a good napper, the next most relaxing thing to do is ‘blog when the baby sleeps.’

James, like every other newborn, makes all those cute little coos, grunts and whimpers while he sleeps. I often stare at him and wonder what he’s dreaming or what’s going on in that little head of his. (Which, speaking of, his head is not nearly as big as we all thought it would be!) Anyways, I can’t help but to think that he’s dreaming big: James Helfer – The next Tim Tebow.

…Completing passes. TOUCHDOWN!


…Rushing yards to score a TOUCHDOWN!


…Winning National Championships. TOUCHDOWN!


…And praising the Lord. AMEN.


Salty Nut Cafe

I had my one month check up today – everything went well and I should be running marathons in no time. After being outside in the beautiful weather, I thought maybe we should try going to lunch as a family. (Thinking that if James decided to scream and cry the whole time, at least it’s a weekday!) Well, he must have known that we were at his future favorite restaurant and bar, because he was on his best behavior.


Yup, he sat there with the best of them tossing peanut shells on the ground. He’s a Salty Nut natural and his Uncle JJ will be so proud! (It was all I could do not to disinfect every inch of him – including that chair leg next to him! Ewww!)


Monday, April 12, 2010

James Wallace – Month 1

Hello Everyone! This is for all the people (especially Amy!) who request a Helfer Family blog. Since we welcomed our first born, James Wallace Helfer, into our lives March 16, 2010 we have managed to take hundreds of pictures. I have not yet started a baby book or any scrapbook so, perhaps a blog will be a start. :) Here are some moments since our world has been turned upside down nearly 4 weeks ago....  (I have to warn you, this is a long first blog session!)

This is me.  March 15, 2010.  Fat and Pregnant. Miserable. But so excited to meet the little kicker inside of me the night before our scheduled c-section. Little did I know, I was rested. Something I only dream about now.


This is Justin. Waiting and ready to be a Dad. He looked so cute in his scrubs, I had to take a picture!


Sweet Baby James was born that Tuesday morning at 7:55. He was 7 pounds, 1 ounce and 21 inches long. He had a full head of hair and a healthy set of lungs.  He has big hands, 3 inch feet, long legs, and the doctors tell us he is very strong. He came out kicking!


Who does he get his size from???  Meet his Great Grandfather, Moose.  Looks like his hand is the size of James!  Side note: Moose was a football AND basketball star.  Played for the fighting Gamecocks.  No pressure, James, no pressure.  Seriously though, if James has half the heart of Moose’s, he’ll make his mama proud.  And be a lady killer!!  Right, Nanny? :)


Now when I met Justin 4 1/2 years ago, I fell in love hard and fast.

Bride & Groom_cropped

I knew within 24 hours I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Justin. But the minute I heard James' first cry, I knew that there is nothing in this world like a mother's love.  And that, I had.

IMG_1107 IMG_1116

I wasn't the only one to instantly fall in love with this tiny bundle of cuteness. Mr. J W had quite the number of visitors. Even the nurses were amazed!  Here were just a few.

James Wallace_cropped

Even his best friend, Watson Dupree, came to visit.  Watson’s Dad, Aaron, and Justin were best friends and partners in crime growing up.  Little did they ever imagine their first sons would be only six months apart!  We just know they are destined to be best friends.  :)


Well, after three nights in the hospital, our family was ready to go home.  Or so we thought.  I sure do miss having a nurse on call!  But we had to take the training wheels off eventually.  Luckily, my parents (Papa and Grammy) were here when we got home to transition us into parenthood.  Here are some of our experiences thus far…

Our first outing!  To the doctor and then to meet Great Grandma “Bamma”.  (My Grandma’s maiden name is Eliza“Beth” Ann Moody, which made her initials and nickname BAM.  Hence, Bamma.  Too cute, if you ask me.)   But by the looks of it, James was a little skeptical about leaving the house!


Our first doctor’s appointment.


Oops, let’s try that one again.  Mommy hasn’t slept or brushed her hair in a week.


Much Better.

Our first babysitter!  Yes, we’ve already managed a date night.  Our 4 year anniversary was April 7th so, Justin and I decided to venture out of the house so, that we could talk about the baby the whole time!   James did just fine for Grandma Lisa and Grandy (Andy).  (In case you’re wondering, Andy hasn’t exactly agreed to that name, but we all love it!)


We Burp.  And burp, and burp, and burp….



And we cry.  AND CRY, AND CRY, AND CRY!!!!




We take naps with Daddy and  just like Daddy (with their right arms up).  This melts my heart every time I look at it.


We get bad hair days just like everyone else.




We sun bathe (per the doctor’s orders to help the little bit of Jaundice he developed in the hospital).  This was so funny to see our little beach bum.  Besides the light in his eyes, he loves nothing more than the warmth of the sun.  Too bad the poor little guy can’t handle longer than about 5 minutes!  Although, we do see the Kahle dark skin tone in him.  Yes, another “Darkmeat", just like his Papa.


Did I say, he loves nothing more than the sun???  Well, I meant he loves nothing more than his puppy, of course.  To answer EVERYONE’s question, Lynyrd is handling the baby just fine.  In fact, better than we thought.  Justin and I work extra hard to still show Lynyrd some love, attention, and (his favorite) cuddle time. 

Lynyrd checks his new brother out.


Lynyrd always finds a way to to be a lap dog.  Even if it’s not comfortable.  (Notice there is nothing supporting his stomach!)

Lynyrd cropped

Lynyrd still greets Daddy when he comes home from work.


Lynyrd still loves to steal socks…  of all sizes!


Lynyrd still takes naps.





All in all, I’d say Lynyrd is the best big brother James could ask for. :)  But feel free to give him some extra TLC when you come by to see the baby, because he seems to think all the visitors are here to see him.  Perhaps this is why…


Well, thank you if you are still reading this longest blog entry ever!  I promise to keep them shorter in the future.  This month has been the best and hardest month of our lives, and we couldn’t have gotten through it without everyone’s support, prayers, and love.  Thank you, and we love you all.  Come visit (but call first, please!) and we will chill.  With Sweet Baby James.