Sunday, October 31, 2010

Church picture (failed)

As I mentioned before, I am determined to get a good Sunday picture of Justin and James.  This morning was another failed attempt. 


It’s getting to the point where I can only laugh.


Maybe Justin shouldn’t go out on Saturday nights…


and maybe church shouldn’t be at naptime…


Or maybe I should learn how to use my camera.


So, as usual, I get home and try to get a picture of James before his nap.  And James says,


“Daddy, I don’t know what the problem is…”


“All we have to do is smile to make Mommy happy.”


Sometimes they just do better when they think no one's looking.


But don’t think I have given up.  James might be 4 years old, but one Sunday, I will get a good picture of my boys in their church clothes.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

James and I had plans to go to The Pumpkin Patch with some friends today, but the plans fell through*.  We decided to make a quick trip anyways, because the weather was beautiful, and I would regret not having the pictures to compare next Halloween. 

James was so enthralled by the grass, he could have cared less about the pumpkins.  I couldn’t even get him to look up at first.


Next time, maybe I’ll just sit him in the backyard… juuuuust kidding.

And it didn’t take long before he found a leaf to put in his mouth.


We finally were able to get a few good pictures.



Hard to imagine James toddling around these pumpkins next year.  But then again, I couldn’t ever imagine him this big.  I certainly can’t imagine life without our baby boy.


* Amy and Laurie, we missed you and the little ones.  Hope everyone is feeling better, and let’s get together soon!


You have to really love my kid to like this video.  I let him try a cracker yesterday, just itty bitty pieces.  You would have thought it was Big Leauge Chew the way he was chomping on it.  (and I couldn’t figure out how to rotate it)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


James still bites his lip, and is now biting his upper lip, too… are we getting upper incisors next??


James’ feet are still his favorite toys.


Lynyrd still waits for James to wake up from his nap.


I still try to get a picture of James and Justin before church on Sundays.  Not every time, but James always looks so cute so, I often try to get a good picture before we go.  Sounds easy enough, right? 

Well, someone usually has their eyes closed.



Or they both have their eyes closed and don’t hold their pose.


Or I’d have to snap the picture when I can, even if someone wasn’t ready yet.


Or I was so sleep deprived that I forgot we even took a picture.  Like this one I just found when James must have not even been two months old.  This picture reminds me of how he ALWAYS used to ball up his fists.  Justin and I never even saw the palm of his hand until he was about 4 months old.


Last Sunday I thought I got a good one!  Until I put it on the computer for a closer look.  Justin has this white chapstick, and he doesn’t agree, but I think it makes his lips look like he has frosted pink lipstick on.  You be the judge…


Ha!  Maybe not, but now that’s all I think about when I see it.  And it makes me laugh. 

P.S. Don’t be surprised if you see James wearing this outfit A LOT in the next couple of weeks.  It’s 12 Months and is a very snug fit.  I’ll need to get my money’s worth!  Yes, James is STILL growing, growing, growing.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Our little Punkin

{Prepare yourself for Pumpkin Picture Overload}

James had a Halloween themed birthday party tonight for our friend, Greyson, who was turning one! I was very excited to get wear out of this costume for more than just the hour he’ll wear it on Halloween. I just had to choose the pumpkin costume while I still have a say-so in his wardrobe. And we made sure to get some pictures before even leaving the house in the event that a meltdown might ruin the evening.


We had one little problem when putting the costume on. You see, James puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. That includes the hat on his head.




Poor baby can’t help that he’s teething.

Justin may not admit this, but he was proud to carry his little punkin into the party.


Although I was wrapped up in taking pictures of James, I snapped a couple others. The birthday boy was the cutest little Spiderman I ever have seen.


My favorite little Alice in Wonderland was being shy,


which meant I got to hold her for a whole 20 minutes or so! I remember when my Emory was a little baby and couldn’t resist my lap. They grow up so fast…

Watson, The White Rabbit, was cute and curious as can be. As always. Love those kiddos.


Meanwhile, James was rocking his pumpkin costume.


He couldn’t have been more of a trooper.


And then he got tired, which undoubtedly happens around 6:45. And he let everyone know it.


So, we did what every good parent would do. We gave him icing from a cupcake.


He knew this was something he had never had before. And he knew he wanted more.



We gave him a little more and then took him home. This Pumpkin was partied out.


Happy First Birthday, Greyson, and thank you for inviting us to such a fun party!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Getting out and Growing Up

Well, the day James turned seven months, Justin and I took a long-overdue vacation sans baby. After traveling with a baby everywhere and learning how much work it involves, I was beginning to think that I would never actually have a vacation again. So, we dropped James off at Nanny and G-G’s, and we headed to our favorite place in the world. Charleston, South Carolina.

James has been loving his playtime with Nanny and G-G. I love this picture of him looking at G-G.



And smiling for his Nanny, even though he’s trying to swallow his hand.


Lynyrd felt very special riding to Charleston with us after we dropped his brother off. He got to have a slumber party over at his cousin, Baxter’s, house.


Justin and I started the day off with lunch at Red’s on Shem Creek. The weather was perfect. Sunny, cool, and breezy.


Then we decided to have a day that would be difficult with a baby and dog. We strolled the market, walked through downtown Charleston, and stopped for a drink at Henry’s Bar and Restaurant. We asked someone to take a picture, who did a great job focusing on the wall behind us. :)


We tried to do as much as possible by the water and eat all the seafood our bellies could handle.



We had a fun night out and were so excited to sleep in! After 7 months of ‘James the alarm clock’, I popped up at 5:30. I eventually dozed off for a bit, but after all of our big talk of enjoying the sleep, we realized we didn’t even get 8 hours! We woke up with hand stamps and wristbands and moseyed downstairs for a breakfast on the deck.


With a beautiful view from our hotel deck.


We did some more shopping and eating then, went to pick up our babies.

Last week James learned how to say “da” and ever since we picked him up on Sunday, he hasn’t stopped saying “…da, da, da, da…”

And this morning, I thought I’d feel his first little tooth, because it’s been a few days since I’ve checked it out, and I found that a second tooth has cut the gum! His left incisor.

I debated whether or not to put these pictures up. Don’t report me to DCF. It looks like I’m torturing him, but I will say these were followed by hugs and kisses, snuggles and apologies. And you can hardly even see the teeth, but here goes…

IMG_2025cropped IMG_2024cropped

Nanny and G-G, Jason and Katie, thank you for watching our babies. You blessed our family by helping Justin and I to have a night away.

James, next time we leave for a night, take it easy on the growing up. Sheeesh.