Friday, February 25, 2011

Nothing new…

Just climbing on my favorite chair.



Always looking at the fan (as I’ve never been more impressed by anything.)


Playing in the backyard.



Playing with Dad.


And cuddling with Dad (in my new 2T jammies*, because I’ve outgrown my 18-24 m! Okay, so there’s always something new with me!)


*For those of you who don’t know, 2T is supposed to fit 2 year olds! Slow the grow, James!

Big Day. Big Boy.

James and I had such a big day yesterday, starting off with school registration at our church, Eastminster Presbyterian! Starting in September, James will go to school 2 or 3 mornings a week mainly to socialize him while, also gaining a little independence. He hasn’t been doing so well in situations where he has anything less than undivided attention. And maybe one day, long from today, he’ll have to share Mommy and Daddy with a brother or sister.


I had heard school was full and James would most likely be put on a waiting list so, I was shocked when he got in. As I walked down the long halls of the school to pick him up from the drop-in nursery, I couldn’t help but feel a little bittersweet that my baby boy would soon be toddling into a classroom with a backpack that will almost be bigger than he is.


James has been getting bad reports from the nursery of my gym so, I was expecting the worst when I checked in on him. I was shocked to see that he was playing with other kids and shocked to hear that he was “doing great!” Then, the nursery attendant told me that he had been walking while holding onto her finger, and that she thought this could be the day that he starts on his own. As much as I have wanted James to start walking, I felt like signing up for school was all the ‘big boy’ I could take for one day!

Luckily, he did not learn to walk yesterday. But Papa was in town and came by to surprise his grandson after his nap!


(I love that little ‘I just woke up’ nap face that babies get. And I love the body James’ hair is starting to get now that it’s longer… he may never get a haircut.)


He quickly warmed up to Papa,



and wanted to show him all his new tricks! Starting with playing in the backyard.


He walked (supported) of course, and followed Lynyrd saying, “guh, guh, guh, guh, guh.”

JW 11 months2

He especially had a lot to say to Papa…


He has been very talkative lately. I love the sound of his sweet little voice and can’t wait to understand all that he has to say. (Although, I’ve heard once they start talking, you can’t get them to stop!)

My Mom has always said, “Your father has the patience of Job.” I love to watch him spend time with James, and he’s always so patient as James learns and plays.




Until he undoubtedly tries to eat the “flower”, and that’s the end of that.


A full day for a big boy! School registration, “almost” taking your first steps, playing with Papa outside! I’d call it a great day.

Papa, thanks for coming over to play. James loves to hang with you!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

White Trash

Looking over today’s pictures, two words, and two words only, came to mind. White Trash.


It’s February and nearly 80 degrees outside, but dressing a baby isn’t like dressing yourself. Grabbing a pair of last year’s shorts, would have been a Newborn size. I realized today – on this warm, sunny February day – that my son has no shorts. I thought maybe, White Trash Rules don’t apply if you’re in the privacy of your own backyard???



Once inside, James of course read some books with his new Justin Bieber hairdo. (Which is so not WT, by the way, and so in right now.)



His new obsession lately is trying to get to this lamp (that I’ve had since college, and would LOVE an excuse to get a new one!) It’s blocked by the couch, the staircase, and his basket of books. However, today I caught him wedged into the corner to get to it. Just to turn it on. And turn it off. Over and over again. God love their simple, little minds.


Then to notice, he was one foot deep in my purse. Hope my sunglasses weren’t in there.


Nothing like an ice cold beer to top off a White Trash day. That’s right, James tried his first sip of Daddy’s beer today. (Judging eyes, you’re not welcome here.)

Every time Justin has a beer, James tries to get it. Climbs to it, wines, begs, stares, licks his lips, you name it: He lets us know he wants it. So we thought we’d give him a little taste.

He won’t taste anything without touching it with his finger first.


He took a sip (that mostly landed on his bib).


And that was all it took.


I don’t think he’ll be begging for beer anymore.

Hope you enjoyed our White Trash Day as much as we did. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

11 month details

When asked this past week how old James is, I found myself not being able to say 11 months. I’d just say 10 months or almost 11 months (with emphasis on the almost!) 11 months just sounds so big boy. I better start preparing for the big One Year!


Now that his hair is getting longer, it sometimes curls a little bit. (Really, just a very little bit.) I love it so much that this is likely to tack on another 6 months before I break down and get his first haircut. A friend told me last week that she doesn’t think James needs a haircut yet. Don’t you just love taking the advice you want to hear?


James has four teeth that we know of. He’s been a teething machine lately so, there could be another one cutting the gum, but he won’t let us in there to check. Rascal!


I’m not sure about the rules of a first word. James has been babbling sounds for months, but just recently he has said a couple sounds that resemble words. The difference between his babbling is, he says these in the right context. About a month ago when we’d play cars and say vroom, vroom, he started saying, “rrrmmmm, rrrrmmmm.” Then, when reading animal books, he’d “moo” for the cow and “baaa” for the sheep. Now, when he passes by his books, or when we start reading, he says, “kuh” over and over again. (As in the K sound from book. Again, not sure about the rules, here.)


James’ absolute favorite thing to do is read. Especially touch and feel books and sound books with buttons. But his favorite book has remained the same: Llama Llama Mad at Mama. (hmmmmm…..) When I ask, “Do you want to read some books?” he grins so big and crawls right over to his basket of books. A mother’s dream, right?


James is starting to understand the word ‘no’. Sometimes he even listens. Many times, he doesn’t.


I’ve recently been taking him to the nursery at the gym, and for the first time in James’ life, he’s having a hard time when I drop him off. They say, “He was fine as long as I was holding him” or “he cried off and on; I was just about to call for you.” One day, they actually told me it would be better to come at 8:00 so, we’re out before the rush. It’s quite embarrassing. When I walk in the door to pick him up, he sticks his bottom lip out and starts crying. He’s being quite the mama’s boy lately. I have to remind myself that he is just a baby in a new situation, and one day I will miss this dearly.



Ever since James was a little baby, The Avett Brothers has soothed him, and it still does. No matter why he is crying, when we play the CD, he stops crying the first second of the first song, “I and love and you.” He absolutely loves music. Toys with music and listening to Pandora Radio (particularly The Jack Johnson Station) are big hits. He is learning rhythm (I don’t know from whom, because it couldn’t be from Justin and me), and he starts clapping or trying to dance when music is played. He is coming into his own and becoming quite the little boy with likes and dislikes and things that make him James.


He loves it when his Daddy laughs and often laughs out loud with him.


He loves to be silly and is learning that he can make others laugh and smile. (like in this picture, he made this funny face and closed his eyes well before my flash went off.)


Lynyrd is his best friend (well, besides Watson, of course) and they play together all the time. Lynyrd runs all around, and James laughs and laughs. James says, “ga. ga. ga.” when he’s talking to Lynyrd, and I’m not yet sure what it means. (unless he’s only saying the ending sound of words: “kuh” for book. “ga” for dog.)

He waits at the door when Lynyrd goes outside.


And they both would follow Mommy around all day if they could. (no pants, ankle socks, and a backwards bib didn’t stop my picture taking)



IMG_3823(He’s smiling at Lynyrd in these)




I recently asked a fellow-mommy-friend if he transitions from a baby to a toddler on his first birthday. She told me James will always be my baby. I liked that answer. Happy 11 months, My Sweet Baby James. You will always be my baby.