Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Olivia Riley

I’m an Aunt!  Again!  My sweet Olivia Riley Kissiah.  Born June 28th, 2011.  7 pounds 10 ounces.  20 inches long.


A girl that looks just like her Mommy.  A baby that fought to come into this world early.  Exceeding her weight estimate by a whopping two pounds!  My healthy niece is already out of the NICU.  We love you, Olivia.  And we are already proud of you.

15 months12

Friday, June 24, 2011

He’s back!

Thank you all for checking in on my little guy this week.  Here’s an update on he’s doing: After a post surgery nap, James was back to his normal self.  Except for better.  He wasn’t fussy, he wasn’t crying, he wasn’t in any pain.  He immediately fell back into his sleep schedule of waking up around 6:30 as opposed to 5:00 am.  THANK GOODNESS!  I feel blessed and shocked at how quickly his tubes made a difference. 


James and I have both caught a bug this week. But I am thankful not to have to worry that it will go straight to his ears, like usual.  Although we’re not scared of a little bug now that we have tubes, we’re still taking it easy.   Watching TV from the stairs.


And this is what I got when I asked him to smile for me.  For such a cute kid, this impromptu “smile” looks more like a Halloween pumpkin.


The last couple of months James has digressed a little with his speech.  He used to learn new words almost daily, but recently “hmmm??” became the majority of his vocabulary.  After he got the tubes, he started talking more the very same day.  His new word that day was cookie “kkkk-kkkey.”  We think yesterday he started saying “mine”, but we’re hoping that’s not the case.  I’d give him a chip, and he’d grab it and say “my”.  I honestly said to Justin at one point, do you think he’s saying, “thank you”?  I guess I’m beginning to understand Mother’s Denial.

James was feeling so well the day he got his tubes, that I felt celebratory!  We went to visit Nanny Sasa and G-G, where James got to type on the computer {the little business man that he is},


and eat a popsicle with Nanny.

15 months7

His cousins came to visit, and we all agreed James is like a different person without the ear pain.  But he still loves to read.

15 months6IMG_6477ac

He still loves his cousin, Catie. {who spoils him rotten}

15 months5

He still loves his Nanny.

15 months8

And he still loves his G-G.


To any Mom that is facing tubes, I highly recommend this piece-of-cake “surgery.”  Thank you all for caring so much about my baby.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

James’ first surgery

And hopefully his last.  After three months of having a sick baby, we finally scheduled his surgery to get tubes in his ears.  James has not been himself as he has been fighting these ear infections.  We’ve spent much of our time in jammies watching more TV than any kid should watch, taking more Motrin and Tylenol than any kid should take, and giving lots of hugs and kisses that every sick child deserves.


One day last week when James would not stop crying, we hopped in the car and went to a local toy store.  Big mistake.  I wanted to buy him the whole store out of guilt.  I compromised with my wallet, and bought him an overpriced toy half-off on the internet.  James loves to push things.  His play lawn mower, walkers, shopping carts, even our chairs (scratching) across the kitchen floor.  From the moment, we walked into this store, he grabbed a child sized shopping cart and would not let it go until we left (in tears).  So, this is what I call his “tube present.”  And also the first toy he's ever had that doesn’t shout “I’M A BOY!”  But he picked it out, and I would have bought him anything that day.  He pushed it around at first refusing to feel better.


He pushed it around, trying not to give into that smile.

15 months4IMG_6287

Then he finally gave in and let this “tube present” bring some happiness before we got those ears fixed.


As we counted down the days to his appointment and exhausted all distractions, we were ready to get it over with this morning.  On an empty stomach (no food before anesthesia), our big boy did great.


Our appointment was in the same hospital where James was born and scheduled for the same time as my c-section.  It was a weirdly familiar feeling.


The procedure was over in 20 minutes.  They made a tiny incision in each ear drum, drained all the fluid that was causing the infections, and inserted the tubes.  They also did a nasal endoscopy to make sure it was not a sinus problem.  James didn’t like or understand all the preparatory poking and prodding,  but he remained “tough” and tried to focus on Mickey Mouse on the TV.


The hardest part was handing my baby over to the nurse.  And the 20 minute wait felt like two hours.  He was very confused and upset coming off the anesthesia, but he started to get better when got in the car and even managed to mumble “ca”.  We gave him some milk, played the Avett Brothers (his favorite CD), and talked about all the familiar things we would do all day (go home, see Lynyrd, Daddy will be home too, Nanny and GG might come over – that got his attention, watch Yo Gabba Gabba, and Elmo, and eat some crackers.)


As soon as we got home, James was back to his normal self.  He was quite weeble wobbly, but I actually think he liked that.  He fell out of his chair a few times, and said “weeeeeee” each time.  People keep telling me, “Guess that’s the Kahle in him.”  Ha ha.


Baby James, Mommy and Daddy are so very proud of you.  This was a routine surgery, but was not routine for us.  You were such a big boy today, and I cannot wait to see how much better you feel!  We love you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

James and Daddy

Justin often gets up at 5:30 am to go work out.  Choosing to get up before the sun comes up is beyond me, but anyways…. James and I wake up, have breakfast and start the day.

{usually with bed head}


{and sometimes still in our jammies}


James knows that Daddy will come home to get ready for work.  They’ll get to spend a few minutes together, share a banana, and maybe even read a book..  And he just can’t wait.

{Watching the door saying “Dada? Dada? Dada?”}

15 months2

James and Justin are both morning people.  Excited to start the day.  Bearing with Mom while she gets a cup of coffee. :)

15 months3

My little James loves his Daddy.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

15 months

Sweet Toddler James turned 15 months with a big boy bang.  We were walking on the sidewalk of our church’s drop-in nursery.  James prefers to walk on the grass, pick up every passing pebble, and point to each and every car saying, “ca. ca. ca.”  All of sudden, he spotted one of the ladies that work in his room.  He squirmed his little hand from mine, ran to her, and put up his arms to be picked up.  By her.  To be picked up by her - not me.  My Sweet Toddler James is such a big and independent boy!  And he is now one and a quarter years old.  {Gulp the lump in my throat.)

14 months8Practicing wearing his preschool backpack.

For the last couple of months, James has been battling a recurrent ear infection.  Mommy is anxiously awaiting his surgery next week to get tubes in his ears.  He has spent most of his second year with doctors, antibiotics, crying, and the need for lots of TLC.  This breaks my heart.  We are ready for a fresh start.  We look forward to, and we dread, next Wednesday.  Until then, we try real hard to find our happiness.


Some of James’ most often used words are: car “ca”, ball, Dada, Lynyrd “yeh-yed”, Come on! “Go-um”, juice “ju”, hot, ice “iceth”, cheese “ch”, G-G, Yo Gabba Gabba “yaba”, banana “ya-ya”, cracker and all kinds of automobile and animal sounds.  I often think that I want this noted for down the road, when it’s a blur.  I think there is nothing sweeter than the sound of his voice and wish we could stay in this toddler stage forever.

15 months

Although not all days are sunshine and rainbows.  (Especially with a festering ear infection that seems to be taking over our whole house.)  James now gets his feelings hurt when told “no” (which I think is a good thing, as opposed to his former laughing response).


Or he turns “no” into a game refusing to do as told (like playing in the bushes).


Or he melts down, stomps his feet, collapses to the ground, or throws things.  Yes, James has learned how to use his feet.  Whether he’s running through the yard,  dancing his little jig, or stomping a fit, these little piggies don’t get much rest.


Either way, he reacts and tests his boundaries.  Pretty normal for a strong-willed toddler.  Whoever coined the phrase “terrible twos” must have had an angel of a one year old.  We’re trying to find a balance between James’ growing independence and need for constant care.  I try to think about how frustrating it would be to not know how to communicate my thoughts.  So we make little compromises to help get through each day.  Like holding his own spoon.  Or eating dinner out of a Cheetos can.


Everybody wins.  James get to practice something new and exciting all by himself. 


Mommy has a compliant toddler eat his dinner.


And even Lynyrd benefits from this one.


Although Lynyrd seems to always “benefit” these days.


James’ favorite time of day is when “Dada” comes home from work.  He gives Justin a warm welcome of running to the door while saying “Dada” over and over again.


But he almost always keeps an eye on Mommy, and is not happy if she dare leave the room.  Something that I often find exhausting, but something I will most likely miss one day.

IMG_6206cropped15 months1

Our sweet little James,


is growing up so fast.


We love you Baby James.  Happy one and a quarter year!