Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer fun

These were from last weekend, and if I didn’t post them soon, they’d get lost in the shuffle.  And it’s too hard to pick just one.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Day. {Part 2}

James woke up from his long nap as happy as he’s ever been.  The guilt festered inside of me as I knew he had to get a haircut.  I considered cancelling his appointment just so we could enjoy his good mood.  But Ms. Kelly probably wouldn’t appreciate that, and it was time to trim these curls again.


I dreaded this appointment after his first haircut.  But this time was better.  And maybe if they get a little better each time, he won’t cry by the time he’s four.  This time, he didn’t incessantly scream.  It was off and on.

The animal crackers helped a little this time.





The lollipop helped a lot.

16 months616 months7OFF

From that point on, it was just crocodile tears {with one eye open, of course}.


There were a few other kids getting haircuts.  Distractions are a good thing.  Although  I felt like if looks could talk, they would say, “What’s with this place?” or “You and me, let’s break outta here.”


Then, we were done before we knew it!

Our day reminded me that things don’t always go as planned.  I expected the best trip to the zoo, and Justin and I left frustrated and disappointed.  I dreaded the haircut, but it was a breeze compared to last time.  We thought we’d take James outside to play afterwards, but the heat advisory kept us in.

16 months8

Yes, life with a toddler keeps you on your toes.  A “day off” doesn’t seem to have the same affect it used to.  But that’s life.  And this was a day in our life.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Family Day. {Part 1}

Justin had the day off.  And this was our day.

After our last trip to the zoo, I told Justin that he has got to experience this with James.  The wonder.  The amazement.  All of his books coming to life.  It’s indescribable. 

So, we started our day at the zoo.  I thought, “I’ll bring my camera, but probably won’t even take pictures, since we were just there.”  Seeing my baby and his father was a whole different story.  I whipped my camera out before my lens had even adjusted to the humidity.

16 months2James and Daddy looking at the Grizzly Bears.

IMG_7118acA Grizzly Bear looking at James and Daddy.


16 months3Watching the birds eat their breakfast.  Fascinating.


IMG_7132edit“Hi, Mr. Gorilla, remember me?  From last week?”

16 months4James’  new favorite animal: The Elephant. {2nd place: Monkey}

And from this point forward, it was all downhill. 


James started pushing the stroller {the stroller that will not be used again with this child}, and that was all he cared about.  This strong-willed child screeched at the top of his lungs every time we stopped to see animal.  He stomped his feet.  He threw fits.  He embarrassed us.  Big time.  All he wanted to do was push.  Even if it pushed into other people or in the  wrong direction, etc.


We did everything we could do to calm him/discipline him.  We finally got him in the stroller for a breather.


We stopped by “the farm”, and don’t tell anyone, but I kinda thought the goats were cute with their floppy ears.


We saw Llama Llama.  We was not in his Red Pajama.  He was not Mad at Mama, and he did not Miss his Mama.  {you’ll only get that if you read the children’s books}  He was in fact, as cool as a cucumber.


We tried to get James to see his favorite celebrity {besides Elmo}, but he was done with the animals.  And his shirt is still soaking in oxi-clean.


We stopped by the aquarium for some fresh air.

16 months5

And then we left.  An hour earlier than planned.  Ten meltdowns more than expected.  We went home, temper tantrums continued, and I put James down for a very early nap.  He napped for 3 1/2 hours.  Something that only happens once every three or four months.  A nap that we all needed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my candle

After a long day, I turn my phone off, pour a glass of wine, turn on E News!, and light my favorite Macintosh Yankee Candle.  It’s this time of day that I often look forward to.  I can softly hear Justin reading The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle to James.  He makes different voices for all the animals.  And then I look at my favorite candle.  I see how much our baby boy has changed our life.  For the better, of course.  I have long days, I have a lifetime of responsibility, and I can kiss a lot of luxuries goodbye.  But I wouldn’t trade a single thing.  James Wallace is a gift.  God bless his little heart.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vroom Vroom

James’ first words were “vroom vroom” {if that counts}.  His most often used words today are ‘car’ and ‘truck’.  Every car ride, I hear ‘car’ and ‘truck’ about 50 times as he points each and every one out.  He knows the difference between the two.  And he knows what a pickup truck is, and that that’s what Daddy drives.  So, what could be cooler than going to see Grandpa’s cars?


Lucky Lynyrd came along for the ride, too.


Like grandfather, like father, like son… The Helfers walked around the garage.


These aren’t just any cars.  They’re a Turbo Porsche.


And a GT2 Porsche.  Both that make for one toddler with a swagger.


Grandpa let James try out the yellow Porsche first.  His face said, “Could this be true?”


Then, he jumped right into character and “vroom vroom”ed in park.

16 months

He gave the Turbo a good inspection.


{And as much as we love Lynyrd, he totally ruined this next picture!  Justin and I love when James squats down like this}


Then he wanted to jump right back in, but this time with Daddy.


Lynyrd and James tried out the GT2 next.


Then Grandpa set James up for a better view so, they could make funny faces through the window.


And press every button.


He has not yet learned to keep his eye on the road.  Guess we’ll work on that in the next 15 years.


After that, James ran around the driveway as if he could drive all the cars, babbling his own language .  He also tried to walk Lynyrd.  I think he thought he was an adult for a little bit.

16 months1

Thank you, Lisa and Andy, for having us over.  And thanks for such a fun day!