Thursday, May 31, 2012

Photo A Day May

Just as I did in April, I decided to do Photo A Day May on Instagram.  This is all done on my iPhone following the list below:


I have to admit, I fell off the wagon this month and skipped a couple of days.  Here are my #photoadaymay posts, though!

Day 1: Peace.  I love my lived-in home.


Day 2: Skyline.  If you can see past this body of steel.


Day 3: Something you wore today.  My wedding rings that I wear every day. :)


Day 4: Fun!  Quattro de Mayo party!


Day 5: Bird.  Little baby bird chest (and big baby belly!)… My niece, Bowen Kate.


Day 6: You.  YOU are the one that kept me up from 3:30 until 6:00 last night!


Day 7: Someone who inspires you.  My parents have the happiest marriage I know.  A true inspiration of 39 years.


Day 8: A smell I adore.  Honeysuckle from my backyard.


Day 9: Something you do every day.  Read books with my baby.


Day 10: A favorite word.  I thought long and hard about this one.  I love so many cute words that James says, including “Mommy Tater Head” as Mrs. Potato Head.


Day 11: Kitchen.  Loving the view from my kitchen.


Day 12: Something that makes you happy.  These two guys.  {Which I didn’t realize at the time, gave me the same smile.}


Day 13: Mom.  James didn’t get the memo that it’s Mother’s Day.  {And no joke, he somehow deleted that post off of my Instagram!}


Day 14: Grass… This was one that I skipped

Day 15: Love.  I love my little Helfer helper.


Day 16: What you’re reading.  Not reading a book right now… Just lots of little books.


Day 17: Snack.  Granola.


Day 18: Something you made.  Another “can you instagram this?” from my mom.  My grandfather, The Moose.  I made/”instagramed” it. :)


Day 19: A favorite place.  Groucho’s has become one of our family’s fave lunch spots.


Day 20: Something you can’t live without.  My boys.


Day 21: Where you stand.  In front of James’ preschool on our first last day of school. :(


Day 22: Pink.  Jammie time.


Day 23: Technology.  How I usually play scrabble.


Day 24: Something new.  Lynyrd is on strike.  It took us three days to notice, but when I moved his food to another room, he stopped eating. #grouch


Day 25: Unusual.  Haven’t had an antibiotic in our house in a year!


Day 26: 12 o’clock.  Another person falls in love with pimento cheese. {Our friend, Brian, from Pennsylvania.}


Day 27: Something sweet… another one I missed.

Day 28: The weather today.  Perfect for Veterans to play cornhole. #memorialday


Day 29: A number.  ONE patient puppy.


Day 30: Your personality.  I analyzed this half the day.  And realized I should take an “analytical” photo.  I spent the rest of the day analyzing how to capture my analytical personality.  I ended up posting nothing, and I don’t even want to know what that says about my personality.

Day 31: Something beautiful.  Singing songs with my son.  {And I mean songs about the ABCs, frogs, trucks and spiders.}


Red Clover Field

James and I were given an amazing opportunity last month.  Our friends, The Grangers, invited us to play on a red clover field.  Their parents have a big piece of property, and with lots of TLC have grown a beautiful field of red clovers.  I never knew this, but Erin told me that you maintain it year round, but it actually only blooms for a couple weeks out of the whole year.  And after spending one afternoon, I can see that it’s well worth it.

We dressed our kiddies up, grabbed our cameras and took pictures while they had a day to remember.  It was so hard to keep this a secret until Mother’s Day, as this was our gift to the grandmas. :) Here are some of my favorite pictures.

IMG_1765editIMG_1779IMG_1773cropIMG_1892IMG_1753IMG_1822IMG_1841IMG_1814cropIMG_1903retouchIMG_0226IMG_1795Clover Field1IMG_1689IMG_1703IMG_1705IMG_1710IMG_1717editIMG_0122

And my favorite picture…


Thank you, Erin, for taking us with you!  We had a wonderful time and was able to capture priceless pictures!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

James’ first class picture


James loves to name each person on the picture.  He loves his friends and teachers.  Our school and church has been such a blessing to our family.  James has learned so much, but most importantly he’s learned to feel secure when he’s not with Mommy.  Ms. Stephanie tells James at each morning MWF drop-off “Mommy always comes back.”  He’s a child that needs to hear that reassurance.

But my first thought when looking at this picture was, “Who is this photographer that put an angelic smile on my child!?!”  James’ Easter class picture was a little more typical of my shy boy…


Monday is James’ last day of school.  We are going to miss his teachers so much.  James’ first preschool class has set the bar high.