Saturday, June 30, 2012

Photo A Day June


June 1: Morning.


June 2: Empty.  Hands that try to catch a rainbow.


June 3: On your plate. “Just one piece of cheeese!”


June 4: Close-up.


June 5: Sign.  Sign of a Mama’s boy, and I’m okay with that.


June 6: Hat. {Hat on shirt.}


June 7: Drink.


June 8: Six o’clock.


June 9: Your view today.


June 10: Best bit of your weekend.  Finally made it to church after missing a month!


June 11: Door.  I’m not the fashionista of the family.


June 13: Art.  My very favorite.  His teacher told me they did this because his favorite color is green and he always talks about tractors.


June 14: Time.  Lynyrd’s Mommy/Daddy time.


June 16: Out and about.  While out today, I bought this.


June 17: In your bag.


June 18: Something we don’t know about you.  I LOVE clean sheets.


June 19: Imperfect.  Nothing humbles you like parenting.


June 20: A fave iPhone photo.  I have many, but this is one from last year.  Found Papa and James upstairs ‘shaving.’


June 22: From a high angle.  Lazy puppy with the sun in his eyes.


June 24: On your mind.  My most favorite dessert, Fresh Market fruit tart. YUM


June 25: Something cute.  Hearing the words “Mommy’s so pwoud of me!” {after swim lessons}


June 26: Where you shop.


June 27: Bathroom. Our bathroom door.


June 29: Soft.  Soft spot for this one.


June 30: A friend.  CLs with my best friend, jhelfer.


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Little Green Frog

James’ very favorite song is If you’re happy and you know it, but The Little Green Frog is a close second.

Justin tried to record us singing it until James noticed, and they literally fought over the phone.  :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This One {From My Phone}

To say he keeps me on my toes is an understatement.


Our biggest battle is hitting.  This bow to the jugular may have been an accident, but unfortunately they usually aren’t.  Poor “Lyna.”


Although “Lyna” holds his own.


Time Out. Church clothes and all.


A day that I most likely texted Justin “When are you coming home?”


He can be a demanding little fella…


But so full of personality.


“Mommy, I sweepin’ in da fiwetwuck.”


Using me as an ottoman.  Make yourself at home, little buddy.


Playing outside = happy boy.


Especially when Daddy plays, too.  His favorite “race through da sprinkle” game.


“Moooommmmmmy, push da waaaaaagon.”  “Pwease.”


Looking like my brothers.


What am I going to do with this one?  Guess I’ll keep him!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Bible

James has really grown to love the Bible.  I got his little southern accent saying ‘Bible’ on video.

We read him books every day.  He LOVES reading, but for some reason he has fixated on holding the Bible all by himself.  He wants to read it.   And he wants to flip through the pages.  All. By. Himself.  When Callie came over to play today, James actually let her hold the Bible and read to him.  It was surprising and sweet.

June 20127

I love this picture… I’m starting a collection of all the pictures where James is staring at Callie.

photo 5

I took a video when James and I were playing today.  I thought it was so cute that he was calling his harmonica a “mont-ka” so, that’s why I started taping.  But he picked up his Bible and started talking about “Bible stories about Jesus” and “Let’s seeeee… Noah’s big boat and the rain” and “the lamb and the mouse” and “Jonah and the whale” and “let’s see…see, see, see” and so on.  He usually talks this much, but I don’t usually get it on video.  It’s a four minute video, but too precious to trim.  You have to really love him to watch the whole thing.  And my favorite part is that he started reading it like they do at school with the book facing out.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturdays at the Pool

So far for the month of June, we have spent our Saturday mornings at GG and Sasa’s pool.  It’s hard to believe James’ very first pool day was two years ago and even how much he’s grown since last year.  At this age, it’s like each season is their first.


He only wore those swimmies for about two minutes.  I think their biggest appeal is cuteness.


I was curious to see how my water baby would do with the pool.  Last year, he’d walk into the pool like he was just walking into another room.  No fear and no understanding of the depth of water.  This year {so far!} I feel like he has the perfect amount of love for the water and timidity.


It’s a little unnerving having him around water, but I love that he loves it so much.  And although I am behind schedule, I’m going to get him into swimming lessons.  Just as much for me as for him.  You should have heard my pool rules.  “Don’t go in the water without Mommy or Daddy… or Sasa… well, don’t go in without an adult…. an adult is a big person.  Do you know that?  OK…  Who’s an adult?”  I confused myself with my so called “pool rules,” and James looked at me like I was crazy.


As for now, we’re working on a few things.  Like getting used to our face in the water and blowing bubbles.



June 20123IMG_2394crop

Using our words “get out” when we want out, and using the steps and railing to get in and out.

IMG_2344June 20125

No running.


And having lots of fun.

IMG_2296IMG_2298IMG_2323June 20124IMG_2301IMG_2352IMG_2355

But out of everything, he mostly enjoys fishing.


He started “fisin” from the side of the pool with the noodles.  But he prefers “fisin” from his boat.


There’s something relaxing about fishing, even when you’re pretending.  We floated around for about 20 minutes.  James has never been so calm.


So when we headed back to the pool today, we pulled out a fishing pole that’s been stashed away since a baby shower.  And he was in heaven.  I think he has a new calling… or hobby.


So far, we are loving pool season.  And loving our Saturdays together.


We fish and swim until naptime…

June 20126

Thank you, GG and Sasa, for having the best pool in town!  And for spending so much time with my baby.  We’ll see you Saturday!