Friday, August 31, 2012

Finger Painting

Justin looked at me like I was crazy when I bought finger paints.  To be honest, I wondered if I was crazy, too.  James has caught yet another cold so, I took our indoor quality time as an opportunity to have some creative fun.

New folderIMG_2889edit2

I covered the table with a sheet {thanks to a best friend’s advice!}, and I attempted a lesson on mixing primary colors.

New folder1

We made handprints {my favorite}


and used Q tips.

New folder2

We got messy


and silly!

New folder3IMG_2927edit

Clean-up literally took five minutes.


It’s a good thing, because he’s already asked three times since to paint again.


James, I sure do love your artwork!


And I treasure our time together.


You are growing up right before my eyes.


I love how you are so proud of your accomplishments.  You can only imagine how proud I am of you.


I love you!

Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of Twos

James had his first day of twos preschool today.  He grins ear to ear when we talk about all the “big kid” things he’ll get to do at school this year.  Like drinking out of “big kid cups” {aka dixie cups},  walking in a line with his class, and joining a class with friends that are also using the potty!

First day of school1

Taking pictures before we got in the car was about the only thing I managed to get done for school.  We’ve been in Florida for a week, which means I hadn’t given school a thought until last night.


We missed the chance to meet our teacher at the class drop-in last week.  I haven’t had time to buy his school supplies yet.  And James is in dire need of a haircut.  While watching Mickey Mouse last night, I {for the first time, and probably the last} gave James a little haircut of my own.  Poor kid.  Can’t pick your mom.

First day of school2

I was nervous about how he would adjust to a new room, new class and new teacher.  Especially after missing the drop-in and having such a long week.  He ran right in, gave his teacher a high-five, said “it’s Mommy’s biwfday!” then, started playing.

First day of school3

My baby is growing up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday I was dropping him off for his very first day of school.


Ms Emily  said he had a great morning!  She gave us the go-ahead on wearing underwear to school so, goodbye pull-ups, we are officially done!  ..Gulp..


James and his best bud Connor on their first day of Twos.


James, you are such a big boy, and I am so very proud of you.  Here’s to another great year at our wonderful school!

First day of school

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

James’ prayer

A couple of weeks ago, James and I were talking about school during lunch.  He he put his hands to together and said this prayer:

God is great.  God is good.  Let us thank him for all this food.  Amen.

It was so sweet that I actually started crying.  I didn’t even know he was learning a prayer at school.  Just one more reason why I love his school!  I got it on tape yesterday.  I love how he says “God is grape.”