Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bedtime Jig

It started too abruptly to turn lights on.  It was too cute not to video.  And it was too fast for me to keep up with after a 13 hour day together.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

This is the Bible…

I could watch James read and talk about the Bible all day.  He read through the Bible saying “This is the Bible, God’s written word” for about an hour.  It absolutely melted my heart.

He talks mostly about Jesus and Moses.  In this next one, he says “Moses eating an ice cream cone.”  We still have much to learn about our Bible stories, but I’m proud of my baby for loving and caring for the Bible at such a young age!

Friday, October 12, 2012


Last Friday morning, I ran out to the car to grab something and saw a snail.  It was slowly on the move, not dead or “sweeping.”  I had to get my little nature buddy, as this would not be a visitor he would want to miss.

Oct 20126

I stood in the driveway in my pajamas knowing that getting to school on time would be pushing it, and having the time to put on make-up had definitely passed.

Oct 20127

I reminded myself to let this sweet boy live in the moment.


He was one happy camper.


I rescued snail when he fell in the crack.  {AKA I rescued snail from James rescuing snail, as he wanted to pick him up to save him.}


Yes, I’m Mom of the Year.  I stopped our morning to watch a snail.  I still managed to get James to school on time.  Then I came back home and stepped on snail.  I literally gasped “OH NO!”  So, I picked up the pieces {may he rest in peace}, and I later lied to James.  He repeatedly asked “Where’s snail?  What hoppened.”  I lied, “Snail must have moved on his way.  Maybe he was hungry.  Maybe he went to find his family.  That’s just what snails do; they slowly keep on moving.”  James said, “I gonna find him.”  My poor little animal/bug lover.  May he keep this innocence forever.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

It’s been too long since Justin, James and I have had a family Saturday morning.  Saturday morning outings are one of my favorite things, and telling James we were going to the pumpkin patch was like saying we were going to Disney World!


I also LOVE the pumpkin patch.  I feel like it kicks off the fall and holiday season. James doesn’t look too much older than last year's pumpkin patch trip, but his cognitive and language development make him an entirely different person.  Last year, my one and a half year old toddled through the patch calling the pumpkins “pabus..” 


October 2011

This year, my two and a half year old ran through the pumpkins talking NON-STOP.  “Daddy gonna get you?  Here goes!  I gonna run.  Watch me!  On you mark, get set, goooooo!”

Oct 2012

“Where’s a spittle bug? Daddy gonna help me find a spittle bug? Mommy gonna help me find a spittle bug?  Oh, dere’s a spittle bug!  I gonna catch him.”

Oct 20121

“Oh, das a big punkin. Dere’s a wittle punkin.  How many punkins?  Wet’s count and see. One, two, thwee.  Dat punkin is bumpy!  It’s orange.”

Oct 20122IMG_3787crop

“I gonna sit.”

Oct 20123

Justin and I both said we like this picture, because that’s the face he makes when he’s talking.  {Here, he was talking about his sticker.}


Like usual, he adopted one little toy, stick, bug, etc.  This time it was a pumpkin, thank goodness.  And it did not leave his hand.

Oct 20124Oct 20125

We bought that little pumpkin, and Justin picked one out to go with it.


We have already been back to the pumpkin patch and have more trips planned.  It’s directly across from our school and church so, it’s hard not to stop by in October.  Three years at the pumpkin patch.  We’ve gone from baby,


to wiping my kisses off.


I say it all the time; this big boy will always be my baby.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

James and Chloe

First thought: Look at their hair!

Second thought: Take a picture before they run.

Third thought, once I got home and looked at the picture:  If there is a wedding one day, this will make the slideshow.

photo 4

It doesn’t get much cuter than that.