Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back in Jax Part II

How could such a little person make such a big difference?

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in Jax

James, Lynyrd and I came back to the beach until Justin comes to meet us for the 4th of July. As usual, I have lots of pictures to share. Here’s a little taste of our trip so far.

I have recently started James on somewhat of a schedule, which I’m trying to maintain while we’re here. Not easy, but we’re doing better than I thought. We give him a bath every night around 7:00, because it helps him sleep. He LOVES bath time now. In fact, I seemed to catch a picture of the only second he didn’t like bath time all week…

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 015

Every morning I wake up to these four expectant eyes…


Lynyrd wants a bottle and James wants to go out. Wait what? Just kidding, but that’s how my mind seems to be right now. Does Mommy Brain ever go away?

And this picture of Lynyrd makes me laugh out loud every time I look at it. He looks like a stuffed animal. James looks like he’s dancing.


James is enjoying the quality time he gets to spend with everyone. And I’m enjoying the help!

He’s gotten lots of time with my best friend, his Aunt Andrea.


I have curled my toes since I was a kid, and my Uncle David would always yell “Relax your toes!” as a joke. James has done this since he was born, and we caught him in this picture (left). He may look just like Daddy, but this is proof that he’s mine too!

He’s loving Uncle Josh time. (Lucky for James, I did not have a camera nearby when Uncle Josh put a diaper on his head to resemble George Washington.)


Mr. James has gotten a lot of Grammy and Papa time. He is one blessed grandson. When he gets fussy (which is often), Grammy has the magic touch and rocks him to sleep. Look how long he is!


Sweet Baby James.


And when he’s not fussy, Papa plays with him!

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 0602

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 059Sepia

They watch baseball.

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 061

They play music on the laptop.

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 064

They play horsie.


And they play Airplane.


We went to Aunt Andrea’s pool and had a great time! James loved the water this time and didn’t shed one single tear.


We missed Justin in this family photo. (James’ new thing is holding my chin.)

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 0212

Did I mention JW loves his Papa? I think the feeling is mutual…

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 046

After a long day outside, it was time to get my babies home.

June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 057June 26, 2010  Chollet & James in Jax 031cropped

We still have another week in Jacksonville so, I’ll be back to blogging soon! We miss and love you, Justin. Can’t wait until you join us this weekend. xoxo

Sunday, June 20, 2010

FIRST LAUGH 13 1/2 weeks

When James was three months and one day, he seemed to have grown overnight. He was too big for his 0-3 month clothes, he started sitting up in his bumbo (a supported seat), and he took a new interest to books! His favorite book right now is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Oh and I finally found him some socks that fit his big ole feet! They are Hanes 6-12 months.


All week long I have felt like James has been so close to laughing. As much as I've wanted to see and hear it, I hoped he would save it for his Daddy. And he did! What a perfect Father's Day present (one day early!).



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Three Months!

I remember my fellow mommy friend, Leah, telling me that things get easier around three months. At that point (when James was two weeks old), I told her that three months seemed so far away! And will she just tell me things get easier sooner than that! I know I’ve already said this, but time goes by soooo sloooow during the sleepless nights and cry fests, but looking back, it has gone by so fast.

James, you have grown SO MUCH this month. You smile all the time. (Okay, well maybe not all the time) You are learning to differentiate between people. You have consistently gained half a pound each week since you were six weeks old (which the doctor says is A LOT!). Your acid reflux is getting better (thanks to the medicine!) so, you truly are a happier baby. You coo and make funny faces.


I feel like we are just days away from hearing your first laugh. Watching you grow is amazing to me, and I couldn’t be a prouder mommy.

At 10 weeks you rolled over for the first time!

At 11 weeks you grasped a toy and even got it into your mouth! Luckily my phone was nearby to take pictures…


You LOVE playing with your toys now. It’s nice that some things can entertain you other than Mommy and Daddy. You also are loving sing-a-long movies and ANYTHING that plays music. (just like your Uncle Jude!)

At 12 weeks you had your very first bath without shedding a tear. In fact, you seemed quite happy.


And at 13 weeks (this week) you have started sleeping through some of the nights, which is 5 to 6 hours. Something we have very much looked forward to!

Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know and cannot imagine life without you.





Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

We took James to the pool for the first time Sunday (at nearly 3 months old). I love that James will grow up going to the very same pool Justin grew up swimming in! We have called James our little beach bum since he was three days old and first exposed to the sunlight. He takes after his Uncle Hampton and could just live outside and hates to be cold.

First he laid out in the shade with three fans blowing on him. (In our defense, there was a heat advisory that day! Although loading the car for a few hours at the pool was a little much. Bouncy seat, fans, radio, diapers, bottles, lunch, change of clothes, towels, baby blankets, Lynyrd…) Anyways, our little beach bum couldn’t have been happier.


The Dupree’s joined us and after everyone had been swimming for hours (and James had been sleeping) we decided to bring him in for a swim.


I think it’s safe to say he did not like the cold water.


But after Baby Watson said, ‘It’s okay!’…


And Big Girl Emory said, ‘Come on in!’…


and Puppy Lynyrd said, ‘Don’t be scared!’


James began to think that maybe this isn’t that bad.


And, once again, the paci saved the day.


He tried to play with Baby Watson (who is still much bigger and stronger than James)


And he swam to Nanny Sasa to thank her for having a pool and for loving him to pieces.


After the 5 minutes in the pool, James was back to the seat in the shade. Living the life. Except for now, he knew that he was much cooler than before. And that he wasn’t afraid of a little water.


Monday, June 14, 2010

First Road Trip, May 19, 2010

James’ first trip to Jacksonville Beach, Florida was long overdue as there were so many people waiting to meet him! When my brother, Josh, was diagnosed with cancer a month ago, I knew I needed to be home. And I know if there is one thing James Wallace can do, it’s put a smile on anyone’s face.

Amy (being the wonderful friend that she is) drove James and I to Savannah where my parents (also being wonderful) picked us up! We were in Jacksonville until Justin drove down for Memorial Day a week and a half later. (A very long 10 days, might I add, that Daddy had to spend without his growing son. We love you, Justin, and thanks for being such a trooper!)

Amy brought her adorable son, Watson, along for the ride.


We stopped to feed the babies/future best friends. And Amy even let Lynyrd come along!


Once we got to the beach, James met his Uncle Josh and Uncle Hampton. He was immediately spoiled and loved – every body wanted to hold him!


Then, the moment we’ve been waiting for… James got to meet his cousin, Everly Grey Kahle, who was born on April 19, 2010. Which means, I finally got to meet my only niece! And she is just beautiful.


That’s right, Papa couldn’t be happier. In just one month, all of Grammy and Papa’s dreams have come true…


Except suddenly they don’t have a free hand!


Not that we have heard one complaint. :)

James also got to meet Uncle Jude and Aunt Dena, and Jude and Justin had some Daddy Bonding Time.


Over the course of the week, James and Uncle Josh spent a lot of time together. It wasn’t until then that we realized how much James takes after his Uncle Josh.

With his charm…


his energy…



and his, er, moods…


James tried to be patient…


while Uncle Josh dressed him up.


But they sure did love each other.


We had such a wonderful first road trip that we have already planned another! We’ll be heading back for the Fourth of July (this time with Justin!) This trip was such a blessing. It’s funny how it’s the rough times in life that end up meaning the most and bringing everyone together. This last month has made me realize that I wouldn’t be who I am without my siblings, and I could not imagine a hardship without them. I may be crazy for posting this on my blog, but it is this month that has also made me realize that I have to give James at least one sibling so, he will grow up with that love. Don’t get any ideas… it won’t be any time soon!!

P.S. My computer is back!