Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3rd Annual Strawberry Farm Visit

Three years in a row we have been blessed to visit The Cottle Strawberry Farm with The Granger Girls!  We got an early start this year and can officially say that strawberries are in season!


As usual the girls did what they were supposed to do, which is pick strawberries…


While my all-boy child did everything else.


James did actually pick strawberries, but NOT ONE went straight into the bucket.  He took a bite out of every single strawberry he picked.

Strawberry Farm '13

I just tried to keep him from throwing the remaining halves across the strawberry field.  He really is such a rascal.  I’ll look back and laugh at this stuff one day, right?


In the meantime, I welcome these sweet girls into our daily lives.


We may not have known that we were starting a tradition three years ago, but it’s definitely one that we’ll have to keep!  We love you, Granger girls!


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