Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

What a great day.  Not knowing how to explain Easter to James, I decided to tell him “On Easter we celebrate Jesus!”  Lately I’ve been trying to ingrain this in his mind.  Here’s our typical Easter conversation:

Me: “James, what do we do on Easter?”

James (eyebrows raised): “The Easter Rabbit gonna come to my house and weave a basket of eggs.”

Me:  “That’s true, but who do we celebrate on Easter?”

James (yelling): “JEEEEE-SUS!”

Well that “Easter Rabbit” did come to our house to fill James’ basket.  Only with much more than eggs. :)  Mostly books this year and art supplies, but plenty of other goodies as well.  Like usual, the basket was filled with WAY more than planned.


I didn’t take tons of pictures.  We had a nice morning of Easter goodies, breakfast, watching James’ new Peter Pan movie, and getting ready for church.

It doesn’t happen often, but when James decides he doesn’t want to wear something, there is no getting around it.  I fight A LOT of battles with him, and I mean it when I say this is a big fat loss for me.  He boycotted button down shirts for his entire second year.  I knew I had to play my cards right, which gave me the perfect excuse to buy him a soft and cozy, white linen shirt.


He wore a new shirt, new pants, and new shoes.  I couldn’t risk a belt even though it bothered me that his shirt wasn’t tucked in.  And I had to hike his pants up after this photo.


James has a new camera of his own so, Justin and I stood at the doorstep while he supposedly took a picture of us and told us to “say cheese!”


He followed us around all morning saying “say cheese,” “wook at me,” “that’s a gweat picture” and “that’s the goodest picture.”  He also repeatedly said, “Mommy, don’t touch my camera.”  I told him that wasn’t very nice then, I realized he was repeating what I’ve been telling him for years.  Oops.

He hasn’t quite mastered keeping still while taking pictures.  He took about twenty pictures of me, and here’s the best one.

DSCF0005 (2)

James kept asking “Mommy, do you have your camera?”  which prompted me to get a fab pic of my hubby.


We weren’t able to get a family pic this Easter, but these two boys made up for it.  (If only I didn’t still have the birthday wreath on our door… how embarrassing!)


So much to be thankful for this Easter, especially Jesus Christ himself.  Happy Easter from our family to yours!


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