Thursday, October 31, 2013

Annual Boo at the Zoo trip!

I haven’t blogged in months, but going to Boo at the Zoo for the third year in a row put me in the blogging spirit!

Boo at the Zoo 2012

Boo at the Zoo 2011

I just can’t get enough of this handsome Gamecock.


We waited at the gate for our Boo friends!


Then I switched from camera to phone.

Little Bunny Foo Foo, a football player, and the good fairy!

photo 1cropphoto 2cropphoto 3

The kids had a great time trick or treating as usual.  Then, we passed the dance floor, and James went running out there.  He danced at Boo at the Zoo when he was little, but I didn’t know if he would feel shy now that he’s older.  He loved it so much that we stayed there the rest of the night.  He was cracking us up, and it’s these videos that I really wanted to share!

Callie and Chloe went to trick or treat some more while James danced the night away.  They came back though! :)

This one is my favorite!

Callie and Chloe went trick or treating again, and James carried on dancing.  He was making up his own moves and following the lead of the bigger football player in front of him. 

James, I hope you always “dance like nobody’s watching.”  You are so full of life and make me smile everyday! 

photo 5

Another great Boo at the Zoo trip, Grangers!  I’m looking forward to sharing another season of holiday traditions with y’all!

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