Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

Boo at the Zoo was a blast last year so this year, it was an absolute must.  Not only does James absolutely love Boo at the Zoo, but it also gives us a little practice before the real deal.


James is not yet into dressing up, wearing hats, wearing boots and so on.  We needed a practice run to learn that cooperatively wearing a costume equals candy.  No costume equals no candy.  He got it immediately, and we have had all good fireman memories since.

Boo at the Zoo '12

We made a quick stop by Sasa’s house since we never have time to make rounds on Halloween night.  She set the bar high with a chocolate Spiderman lollipop.

Boo at the Zoo '121

Then this fireman stud met Wendy and Tigerlilly at the Zoo.


The kids could hardly contain themselves.


James remembered just what to do and started trick or treating asap.


It was quickly getting dark, which put a damper on my pictures.  However, these kiddos were so excited that it was hard to snap pics anyways.

232323232fp73496_nu=654;_2___259_WSNRCG=35_26;;4_634_nu0mrjBoo at the Zoo '122

James was in awe of all the costumes.  Even the scary ones didn’t bother him.  The highlight of the night {for me} was when James saw a boy dressed as Buzz Lightyear.  For a year now, Buzz has been James’ all time favorite character.  Well, I have never seen him so star struck than when he saw Buzz at Boo at the Zoo.  James stood there pointing and gulping, eyes wide open, and whispered “It’s Buzz.”  The boy’s mom told him to go say hi to James.  A priceless moment.


Also, James decided to like masks just for one night.  Out of nowhere, he wore this mask half the night.

Boo at the Zoo '123

And finished the night off with this one.  What a goof.

Boo at the Zoo '124

  My Aunt and Uncle came with us, and it was so nice to share an experience like this with them.


We had such a great time and knew that we were ready to trick or treat Halloween night!


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