Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boo at the Zoo

*Do I warn you of picture-overload, or do you just expect it?

I hesitated on going to Boo at the Zoo.  Is it worth the drive, the crowd, getting off schedule, is James old enough to enjoy it?  The answer is “YES!”  James had a blast.  In fact, as we entered through the gate, The Monster Mash was playing.  And this Bob the Builder danced his tool belt off within the first five minutes.  All by himself.


I was so proud of his costume… at first.  I bought a blue longall, because he’ll get wear out of that rather than overalls.  We practiced wearing the tool belt and construction hat at home.  I guess you get what you pay for, because the construction hat that I found in the dollar section at target won’t even stay on his head.  And then, I hated to pay for a hideous red plaid shirt that he would never wear again.  So, we grabbed a red Polo out of his closet.  Anyways, I was all excited to have James look like this:


But in reality, I’m slightly disappointed to have created a preppy Bob the Builder.


Preppy, but cute.  Preppy was not my plan… maybe I can get a new hat before Halloween.  I digress.

But the reason we had such a great time at Boo at the Zoo, is because our friends went with us!!!

Callie the beautiful Peacock {and the love of James’ life}


Chloe the Bumble Bee that just started walking!


And the entire Team of Dupree Superheroes!

Super Girl Emory


Super Boy Watson


And Super Baby Boland!


Although our main event was trick or treating, it doesn’t take much to entertain young minds.  {And if you read my blogs, you know I LOVE that about children.}

A lot of animals were “sleeping”, but we were still able to see a few.  This was probably James’ favorite part.  The bears especially.


There was a truck on display.  Which never seems to lose its appeal.  “Hi, truck. Hi, truck.”


There was more music and more dancing.


There were flowers.


And spooky smoke.  Which all of a sudden turned James’ smiles into looks of ‘Is this okay?  Smoke equals hot.  Hot equals danger?  Why isn’t anybody taking this seriously?’


And then it was time to trick or treat!


We had such a great time!  As long as we live in Columbia, Boo at the Zoo will be on our October Calendar.  No questions asked.  As long as our friends can come, it’s a guaranteed great time!



  1. I am SO glad y'all had a wonderful time! Love the children's costumes. So funny about the smoke!
    Love, AB

  2. All the kids look so cute in their costumes! I love the precious picture of Callie and Emory walking together with their matching uggs on, too cute!